Is it time for oil?

Why Should You Choose Oil Heat over Gas?

  • Ensure a safe environment - home heating oil burns so cleanly, it's not subject to any clean air requirements. Before releasing dangerous and invisible carbon monoxide (CO), an oil system will warn you with smoke, soot or an odor. Gas heat equipment gives you no warning of CO production.
  • Unlike natural gas, fuel oil is neither flammable nor explosive and inhalation of oil fumes cannot cause death.
  • Oil heat makes faster hot water than gas heat. Oil heat systems are 16% more efficient than gas heat systems according to the Dept of Energy.
  • Fuel oil is normally less expensive than natural gas.
  • Gas heat bills contain miscellaneous costs. Confusing bills with lots of surcharges, adjustments, and pipeline charges.
  • Lastly, with oil heat you can enjoy personalized service from ALBA Fuel Corp that knows you and your heating system.

Is your heat working properly?

1. Is the thermostat properly set?
Raise the thermostat.

2. Are the control switches on?
Make sure master burner switch is in ON position.

3. Is there oil in the tank?
Check oil gauge.

4. A blown fuse?
Check the fuse box for blown fuses. Use only replacement fuses of the correct amperage.

5. Did boiler go into safety mode?
Press relay reset button on relay box ONLY once. DO NOT press a second time. This can cause flooding of boiler with oil.

If all fails, call ALBA Combustion for further assistance (718-931-1700).