Is it time for oil?

ALBA Combustion Corp. offers 24-hour emergency oil and gas burner service using only experienced and highly qualified service technicians.

We provide a full line of boiler/burner services:

  • 24 hour emergency burner service
  • complete overhaul of burner
  • installation of boilers & burners
  • replace boiler tubes/welding
  • NYC Low pressure Boiler Annual Inspections
  • City of NY Department of Environmental Protection Triennial Inspections
  • City of Yonkers Boiler Permit Inspections
  • Maintenance repair
  • Boiler Cleanings (which include): vacuum cleaning entire boiler, chamber, chimney base and breaching. Also includes wire brushing all fire tubes to remove soot build up.

For price quotes, fill out our contact form and an Alba Combustion representative will contact you shortly. If you have any questions regarding our services and the benefits of fuel, feel free to email us at